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Moritz Koch: David Oscar Featured in Top Berlin Art and Photo Exhibition

Celebrated Ghanaian creative artiste David Oscar Dogbe, has been featured in a photoshoot for an Art and Photo Exhibition slated for September 15, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

David Oscar who has been a part of Mainz State Theater for nearly a year earned the enviable slot from the popular photo artist, Moritz Koch along German compatriots to pose for the upcoming event.

The photoshoot which took place

at the Deutsches Film Institute Film Museum in Frankfurt was intended to capture cinematic moods against a setup of the interior of a magnificent theater.

The experience in another breadth strongly projected the message of diversity as participants were pulled from varied racial backgrounds.

Pre-event snapshots that found its way online has already started generating a buzz on social media ahead of the set date.

In the meantime, David Oscar is gearing up for his annual concert ‘Reggae Spot’ which takes place on November 11, 2023 at Havilah Restaurant in Koforidua, in Ghana.

Moritz Koch

Moritz Koch is a photo director from Mainz, Germany.

His trademark are elaborate, surreal photo productions that tell dystopian stories.

Notable works of Moritz Koch include his photo series “Nightmare in Paradise”.

Check out photos below:

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