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David Oscar hangs out with Akon, finds out later they both share same Birthday

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

The internet has been set ablaze after Ghanaian musician David Oscar Dogbe was spotted hanging out with the legendary Akon at  Wiesbaden, Germany.

Many are wondering what actually brought the two lyrical individuals together.

This reporter who chanced on the stunning photo of David Oscar Dogbe and the global icon hit up the Ghanaian reggae artiste and this is what he had to say.

"I feel humbled to have had this photo moment with the legend Akon. I met him a day to my Birthday. Just when I thought, it would be the best Birthday present to me, I found out we both share the same birthday, April 16. Isn't it incredible?!! " the visibly excited David Oscar Dogbe exclaimed.

According to sources, Akon was attending a grand  entrepreneurial Seminar 'The Founder Summit' in Wiesbaden, Germany, when he crossed path with the Ghanaian artiste.

David Oscar Dogbe couldn't contain his excitement.

The sensational artist took to social media to express his gratitude and share his experience with his fans.

David Oscar Dogbe stated that meeting Akon was a dream come true, and he felt humbled when the legendary musician took a picture with him. He described Akon as "really cool" and praised him for his music and philanthropic efforts.

Akon is a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated artist, and producer who has sold over 35 million records worldwide. He is known for his hit songs such as "Lonely," "Locked Up," and "Smack That," among others. However, Akon is not only a successful musician but also a successful businessman, investor, and philanthropist.

In 2014, Akon launched the Akon Lighting Africa initiative, which aims to bring electricity to millions of households in Africa using solar power. The project has been successful, and it has brought light to millions of people who were previously living without electricity.

David Oscar's meeting with Akon is significant as it highlights the importance of mentorship in the music industry. Upcoming artists can learn a lot from experienced and successful musicians, and such interactions can be beneficial for their growth and development.

David Oscar Dogbe is a Creative Artist who started as a Standup comedian before veering into music. He has released several hit songs, including "Nyame Wo Mu", "We are the Light ft Shasha Marley" among others.

He has a unique style that blends Africa tunes with reggae genre, and his music has gained popularity among music lovers in Ghana and beyond.

For netizens who are wondering if this meeting is a lead up to a possible collaboration between David Oscar Dogbe and Akon, keep your eyes on this space.

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Happy to see u doing what u love best

Gefällt mir

Bismark Nii
Bismark Nii
22. Apr. 2023

It's so beautiful to see such a beautiful pic of both. It's really photo of the month.

Gefällt mir
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