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David Oscar Gets Funky in ‘Got Bag’ Hoodie as he Models for German Fashion Brand

Netizens have gone gaga over viral snapshots of Ghanaian reggae artiste David Oscar as he seen rocking some trendy hoodies from German fashion brand ‘Got Bag’.

Known for his versatility, fans are not surprised the photoshoot turned out to be an actual modelling gig from the German fashion brand.

The 'Got Bag' is one of the few firms that are making efforts to rid the oceans of plastic waste by turning recyclable materials into trendy outfits and other products.

“I had the opportunity to model for Mainz, Germany based @gotbag. I fell in love with this product the first day I set my eyes on it. Later learning that they were based in Mainz where I also live made me more excited and impressed; only to have the opportunity to become a model for their 5th Anniversary,” the excited David Oscar said in his Instagram post.

David Oscar is particularly excited to be working with Got Bag, as he is a big fan of their sustainable practices.

"I'm really happy to be partnering with a brand that is doing something positive for the environment. I think it's important for us to all be more conscious of our impact on the planet," he added.

The reggae artiste was featured in a series of photo shoots and promotional campaigns for Got Bag.

He is seen wearing Got Bag clothing flanked by other German models in the commercial.

David Oscar's fans are excited to see him in his new role as a fashion model. They are taking to social media to express their support for him.

"I love that David Oscar is using his platform to promote sustainability. He's a role model for young people everywhere," a fan shared.

Another fan wrote, "David Oscar looks amazing in Got Bag clothing! He's always been a trendsetter, so I'm not surprised that he's landed this gig."

David could be setting the stage for Ghanaian musicians to land modeling gigs in the fashion industry as he nailed his new role without a hitch.

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