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Abibiman Daakye's Ghana Camp takes off in grand style in Wiesbaden

It was a celebration of diversity as patrons thronged Herbert- und Reisinger- Anlagen Park in Wiesbaden, Germany on Sunday, August 27th to partake in the maiden edition of 'Ghana Camp' hosted by Abibiman Daakye.

Ghana camp organized by Abibiman Daakye, an NGO dedicated to promoting African development and culture is an annual event that brings together children from different racial backgrounds to experience Ghanaian culture through theater, music, art, and games.

Osei-Tutu Danso, aka. K'Daanso, the Executive Director of Abibiman Daakye, who is also a musician and storyteller, said that he wanted to create a space where children from different backgrounds could learn about Ghanaian culture and have fun.

"Ghana is a beautiful country with a rich culture. I wanted to share that culture with children from all over the world, so I mooted this concept," he said.

The camp featured a variety of activities, including traditional Ghanaian drumming, dancing, and storytelling. The children also learned about Ghanaian proverbs and folktales. David Oscar Dogbe, a Ghanaian creative artist who is a member of Abibiman Daakye, was also present to lead some of the activities.

In addition to the cultural activities, the camp also offered a variety of games and activities that promoted teamwork and cooperation.

The children had the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts from the West African country, Ghana.

The camp was successful in bringing together children from different backgrounds to learn and make new friends from all over the world.

Abibiman Daakye plans to hold 'Ghana Camp' again next year and hopes that the camp will continue to promote understanding, mutual respect, and cooperation between children from different cultures.

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